Monday, June 29, 2009

She Like's It!

My friend finally received her little present in the mail and she LOVED her gift! I honestly was hoping that she would hate it so she'd return it to me :) We have this agreement that if I make her something that she does not like she has to return it to me and I will then make her something more to her liking. I don't want the girl to keep something that she won't wear! I also want her to be completely happy with her b-day present. I am thrilled that she likes her gift. I guess now I need to make a bracelet and necklace for myself. Off to the studio....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New Creation

These are photos of some "invisible jewelry" I made for my friend's b-day. Both pieces were made using plexi-glass and copper wire. I had so much fun thinking outside of the box on this one. I hope she likes her present!

Bead and Button Show

I had the great pleasure of attending the Bead and Button show for the entire week this year! Yipee! I was so excited to go and had such a fantastic time while I was there. It's amazing how tired one can get from taking jewelry making classes, shopping and talking beads! I felt like I was gone for a month!

There is no other place on earth like the B&B show. It's such a magical place where folks from all over the world converge together in one place to celebrate their passion for jewelry making. I met some very talented artists and some very interesting people. I also had great fun reconnecting with long time friends and of course, I greatly enjoyed all of the classes that I took.

Now that I'm back home and finally unpacked, I'm in the process of sorting through all of my treasures. I'll be posting pics of the work that I completed at the show along with details of each class.

It really feels good to be home filled with inspiration, energy and excitement from the B&B show. Exciting creations are sure to follow.......