Friday, April 13, 2012

Nunn Design Elements of Inspiration


My new creation for Nunn Design officially has a name!  Rhine…it sort of has a Mad Max ring to it doesn’t it?  
I had great fun making this piece.  This was my first experiment working with resin clay and I must say that it won’t be my last!  Resin clay is such an interesting medium to work with and you can do so many things with it such as adding color and embellishments. 

This pendant was made by rolling out the resin clay, stamping it and adding various inclusions.  After the resin cured overnight, I sanded the edges then added color using Gilder’s paste.  So easy!  To add more excitement to the piece, I wire wrapped some copper to a tube finding and viola, I had one cool resin clay pendant!  The resin clay plus the chain and findings can be found  at

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